Coffee Filter Nail Tips Is The New Stay At Home Beauty Trend and My Mind Is Blown

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Oh 2020, how FUN have you been?! *Insert Sarcasm*

This year has sure been a whirlwind and for many of us, we are just clinging onto any sort of normalcy that we can get.

I’ve resorted to dying my hair at home and learning how to dip my own nails (fair warning – it’s addicting) and I just learned something that BLEW my mind!!

Women everywhere are creating fake nails by using coffee filters as the tips. Um, what?!


If you just asked yourself, how is this even possible? Don’t worry, I did too.

My first thoughts were, wouldn’t that just make super flimsy nails? I mean, it’s basically paper so how can that possible work?

And it just does.

All you need is:

So, you basically just cut a piece of coffee filter off and place it onto your nail. You get it to stick by using the step 1 in the nail dip kit (I highly recommend Revel) and then you dip several tips using a clear powder. You can then file, buff and dip as usual.

By the way, if you have never dipped your nails at home before, check out how to dip your nails here.

From the videos I’ve seen, the coffee filter ends up being really sturdy just like a real nail once you’ve added a few layers of clear dip over it.

In fact, this seems to be a thing people know. Apparently, people use coffee filters to fix broken nails or when a nail tears. I’ve literally never known this until now!


I don’t know about you, but I find this GENIUS.

Forget glue, forget fake plastic nails, this is so much cooler (and probably better for your nails).

I am going to go order myself some coffee filters now and give this a try.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to do it below.

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