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15 Things You Don’t Want To Miss At Trader Joe’s

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I love Trader Joe’s, don’t you? My closest Trader Joe’s is quite a hike from my house. At 45 minutes, it has to be a planned out trip, but I’m not even mad about it. It’s worth going EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I have to do my homework before I go, and have a plan. There are certain things I get every time I go; I would say they are STAPLES at my house. Then, I inadvertently find a plethora of things, once I cross the threshold into greatness.

15 Things Not To Miss At Trader Joe’s

1) Sparkling Watermelon and Sparkling Strawberry Juice


OMG. We are obsessed! There isn’t much to this little cans of sparkling beverage. They are pretty much juice and carbonation. That’s part of what make them so tasty. They are also just super delish!

2) Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend


This goes on EVERYTHING. Eggs? Yep. Avocado toast? Yep. Rice? Yep. Veggies? Yep. I’m not joking. I usually grab this seasoning in place of salt. We love it THAT much!

3) Watermelon Fruit Spread


If you haven’t tried this, you aren’t living life to its fullest! This is great on toast, on morning pastries, mixed into oatmeal, and you HAVE to include it on a cheese board. Gah! It is excellent.

4) Cookie Butter


Sinfully good. That is the ONLY way to describe this Cookie Butter! We use it in sandwiches, on ice cream, we’ve made cookies with it, and we’ve eaten it straight from the jar.

5) Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeno Dip


This is so good to dip veggies in, and to binge with some crackers or chips. You just have to trust me, and try it!

6) Chile Lime Seasoning Blend


I will NOT eat corn without this tasty mix. It is made with salt, and has the perfect kick of heat. It is simply irresistible! Try it on your next avocado.

7) Oven-Baked Cheese Bites


I crave these. Like, it’s a real problem. If you are a fan of cheese, and a fan of delicious things, you will LOVE these cheese bites!

8) Dehydrated Rainbow Carrots


I bought these on a whim — kind of an impulse buy — and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! I will snack on these guys when I have a craving for chips. They have just a TOUCH of carroty sweetness, and the perfect amount of YUM.

9) Pub Cheese Dip


I’m not even joking. If you haven’t tried this, you simply are NOT living your best life. Break out those pretzels, because this dip is the BOMB! (Do people still say that??)

10) Cornbread Crisps


Really, you can’t go wrong with ANYTHING on the chip aisle at Trader Joe’s. I usually leave with one of everything. I’m not even joking.

11) Tabbouleh Style Hummus


Ok, so granted, you have to be a fan of Mediterranean style food, but this dip makes me cry, it is so good. Put it on anything you’d usually use hummus for. I love it with pita bread, and I’ve been known to sneak a spoonful right from the container.

12) Cinnamon Roll Bread


Let’s be honest. If it’s a carb, I’m going to love it! This bread is so sweet, gooey, and delish! It tastes — well — like you would expect a cinnamon roll bread to taste. BUT, it’s EXTRA, Trader Joe’s, good.

13) White Cheddar Corn Puffs


I TOLD you. That chip aisle at Trader Joe’s is Ah-Mazing! If I open a bag of these at home, the family comes running. They do not last. It’s that kind of food you have to hide and eat, because you will not want to share.

14) Pickle Popcorn


Nope. I’m not joking! You have to love dill if you are going to throw some of this tasty popcorn in your mouth. It has a pickle essence that is simply irresistible.

15) Succulents and Plants

I would simply be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention the Trader Joe’s plant section. It’s usually either outside, or just at the front of the store. I have bought so many succulents, coffee plants, and wavy ferns. You HAVE to go to Trader Joe’s, if for NO other reason than to check out the plants!

If you have never been to Trader Joe’s, you are missing out — like, in a major way! If you haven’t been in awhile, what are you thinking? You have GOT to get there, and check out all the good things!

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