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This Paper Artist Is Taking Over Social Media With Her Tiny Hand-Cut Paper Plants And They Are So Adorable

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I love the creativity of the artist industry. It seems every time I do a little bit of research there’s a whole new ball-field when it comes to styles of art. So to find an artist that makes super tiny plants out of paper? I’m astonished, amazed AND excited!

Tania Lissova

Tania Lissova is a 25 year old artist from Russia who has created these amazing little life-like paper plants that has taken social media by storm! From flowers to succulents, there seems to be little she can’t do!

Tania Lissova

Paper art has been around for ages. Origami is the first to come to my mind, but there’s also paper mache, shredding, deconstruction, etc. But this, to me, is a whole new creative artist approach!

Tania Lissova

Tania Lissova “grows” tiny hand-crafted paper flower bouquets that look as realistic as actual flowers. These could be used for wall art, small tokens, presents, and so much more!


She not only makes these little bouquets, but also a variety of extremely intricate nature-themed crafts!


This includes postcards, posters, envelopes, stickers, and framed pictures. But the most eye-catching project is her ability to create miniature flower bouquets made completely from paper.


I am so thoroughly impressed by this art. I can’t even fathom to time and energy needed to create such tiny little masterpieces!


I mean, can you imagine how long each tiny little fold makes? Not to mention, I bet it makes your fingers hurt and tired!


Be sure to check out Tania on her Instagram and Etsy page!


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