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Home Goods Is Selling A Ceramic Candy Corn Halloween Tree That Lights Up And I Need It

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You can get a Candy Corn Ceramic Halloween Tree at HomeGoods, and — GAH!! — it’s so stinkin’ cute!!

Candy Corn. It’s perhaps the most controversial of the Halloween candies.

You either love it or hate it, but one thing is FOR SURE. There may not be a candy that represents Halloween better than the Candy Corn. They are just about synonymous.

I have to say, I am a BIG Team Candy Corn proponent, so you KNOW I’m going to own this freaking AMAZING tree that was spotted at HomeGoods.


It is a a light-up ceramic Candy Corn Tree. These are EXACTLY like the old fashioned light up ceramic Christmas Trees, that grandparents EVERYWHERE decorate with every year.


But, THESE trees are better, because they are Candy Corn Halloween Trees!! They look like big old candy corn kernels, and I must have one.


People who have seen these trees at HomeGoods, say they are $16.99, and they are FABULOUS!!


Home Goods, which has the same parent company as TJ Max and Marshalls, has started to put out all of their Halloween decorations, but this tree is definitely one of the stars of the season!


The base of this tree is white and proclaims “Happy Halloween” in orange letters.


Then you have the signature yellow, orange, and white of the candy corn kernel — but then there are the lights!! Gah!!


Momma’s gonna need this Candy Corn tree. Also, I am Momma.


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