Here’s The Best Way to Get Rid of Gnats

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Joy is the peaceful sounds of summer, waves crashing on the shore, the sound of early birds in the morning and the pesky buzzing sounds of bugs… wait what.

Specifically the gnats and while they might not exactly buzz, can become overwhelming during the summertime whether you’re at the beach, a carnival or even in your own living room; the flying insect makes its way to find you every summer vacation.

One woman on TikTok who is sick of gnats making her home theirs, shared a quick tip on social media that will get rid of all the unwanted flying bugs.

Courtesy of @cay_dej

Thanks to @cay_dej who’s hack on the social media platform has gone viral in only 24 hours with over 2 million views, 162 thousand likes and over one thousand commenters who are grateful for this life hack!

Courtesy of @cay_dej

The trick is, sugar, dawn soap, apple cider vinegar and a spoon to mix it all in a cup.

Sounds gross we know, but boy does it work!

Courtesy of @cay_dej

The video begins by mixing the vinegar first, then the suds and finally the sugar in a small cup.

Courtesy of @cay_dej

In the next few clips you’ll notice that the mixture attracted an abundance amount of gnats which are now, sitting at the bottom of the cup.

Finally, a solution to the once unsolvable invasion of the gnats!

Courtesy of @cay_dej

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