Walmart Is Selling Bright Orange Christmas Trees You Can Decorate For Halloween

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Christmas isn’t the only time to decorate a tree.

Halloween is another good reason to buy a bright orange tree and to decorate it with spooky ornaments.

Courtesy of Walmart

We’ll call it the “spooky season tree” or maybe even a “haunting tree”, yeah, I like that better and you can currently purchase one at Walmart.

Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart isn’t exactly selling Halloween trees per-say, but they are selling bright orange trees which basically scream Halloween.

I can’t think any of other reason to have an orange tree in the house, can you?

Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart has an abundance of orange trees, selling for different prices depending on which design you decide to purchase.

Courtesy of Walmart

Instead of presents under the tree, you can have pumpkins and may I suggest purple bat string lights to illuminate your haunting tree?

At the top of your tree you can even place a skeleton head, preferably an LED one.

Courtesy of Walmart

Aside from the orange trees, Walmart is also selling black trees with bright orange lights that look spectacularly spooky.

Courtesy of Walmart

Also, who doesn’t love styling a Christmas tree? There’s something about decorating a tree and placing the ornaments perfectly in their place that is so aesthetically pleasing.

Although regarding your Halloween tree, you may want to purposely make your tree “messy” for a spookier look instead of a neat and organized tree during Christmas.

Did I mention that you can also wrap your “haunting tree” in spider web wrap, because that would be so freaky!


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  1. I started decorating my tree for Halloween years ago and I was told that it was a crazy idea.

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