This $48 Personal Air Conditioner Gets ‘Colder Than a Fan On High’ and I Need One

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I live in Texas and it is so freaking hot here. I have been here for like 17 years and I am still not used to it.

We have central air conditioning, but a boost would be nice in some of the rooms, especially the bedrooms at night time.


With the Yasuoo Personal Air Conditioner, you can cool just the space you want to cool. So, say you have a room where the air conditioner doesn’t get it as cool as the rest of the home. Just set the Yasuoo up in there and get it perfectly comfortable!


The Yasuoo is a 3-in-1 machine! Not only is it an air conditioner, but it is also an air purifier and a humidifier as well!

All that you need to do to use it is fill it with water and plug it into an electrical outlet or even the USB port on your computer. With a full tank of water, you can run it for 8 hours.


Very quiet so not as noisy as a fan. Gets colder than a fan on high but doesn’t blow as hard. LED lights are awesome and tank of water lasts up to 8 hrs so nice to sleep with it bedside.

Cesali – Amazon Reviewer

Reviewers say it is very quiet, which makes it perfect to keep next to your bed.


You can add essential oils to the water, which is a really cool idea! You can also add ice cubes for extra cooling power! It only weighs about 3 pounds and has a handle for moving it easily from place to place in your home. It is only 16″ x 16″ x 17″ in size!

Just got it in the mail it was delivered early which was awesome took less than 5 minutes to install just added water and plugged in a usb and it was able to cool down my hot room that had a broken air conditioning vent for months in less than 3 minutes

Glenn – Amazon Reviewer

If that isn’t cool enough for you, there another cool feature! It has an LED light with 7 different color choices. You can even have it cycle through the colors instead of choosing only one.

You can get your very own Yasuoo Personal air Conditioner for only $47.99 on Amazon!


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