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It’s $1 Hot Dog Day at 7-Eleven and I’m On My Way

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Did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month and that Wednesday, July 21st is National Hot Dog Day?

It’s like we have a day to celebrate everything now!

7-Eleven is totally celebrating and it’s also their 94th birthday!


Summertime is the perfect time for hot dogs and if you’re on the go, 7-Eleven totally has you covered!


The $1 hot dogs are not some tiny hot dog, nope, this is the Quater-Pound Big Bite 100% beef hot dog and that is quite a steal!

Yes, you read that right, the massive hot dog is only $1 right now for National Hot Dog Month at 7-Eleven, and that’s a great deal!

This deal is for the entire month of July and I can’t believe that I just now found out about it today, I have been missing out!

How do you get the deal?

Usually, when places have hot deals like this, you need to be a reward member, or have a coupon, or complete some special step.

7-Eleven is not requiring any special steps to get your massive $1 hot dog!

You can get the $1 hot dog deal without being a reward member or doing anything special.

Simply go to a participating 7-Eleven location, get your hot dog, add the condiments, then head to the register and pay… that’s it!

You can also grab a small Slurpees and the other roller grill items including eggrolls and taquitos for just $1 as part of the celebration for the rest of this month.


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