This Unicorn Farts Beer Is Brewed With Edible Glitter And Fruity Cereal And It Sounds Magical

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I usually don’t like beer. I’m more of a vodka and cranberry juice kinda girl.

This beer though. This beer right here might just have me hooked! It is the beer I didn’t even know I needed in my life…Unicorn Farts Beer!!

It’s actually called Sour Me Unicorn Farts by DuClaw Brewing, in Maryland. You completely had me at Unicorn Farts.

Not only does it have THE BEST NAME EVER, it is made with edible glitter! WHAT?!? Just watch what happens when you pour it in a glass.

The geniuses at DuClaw Brewing didn’t stop there. Not only is it made with freakin’ awesome edible glitter, but it is brewed with FRUITY CEREAL — Think Fruity Pebbles. OMG. This just keeps getting better.

So, it’s a sour beer, made with edible glitter and fruity cereal, and it has the most awesome name a beer could have. Sign me up now!

It has 5.5% alcohol by volume, so it isn’t a heck ton of alcohol per can. It’s more of a tasty beverage than a drink to get you unicorn poop faced.

The can is a large 16 ounces of glimmering unicorn fruity goodness, and I need it in my life.

Would you try it? I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know what a sour beer is, but it just SOUNDS amazing!

DuClaw Brewing has several other Sour Beers to choose from like Sour Me Blueberry, Sour Me Carolina, Sour Me Mojito, and so many others. The Unicorn Farts Beer is the one I HAVE to try, though.

You can go to the DuClaw Brewing Website, and find where they sell their beer near you. Then you can go harass beg ask the businesses, very nicely if they can get the Unicorn Farts Beer.

Or, you know, you could make a road trip to Maryland to get this awesome glittery brew!

Let me know if you get your hands on this beer of Unicorn Farty proportions. I need to know how totally awesome it is!

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