Aldi Is Selling A $20 5-In-1 Outdoor Game Set and You Know Your Family Needs One

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We have been looking for a great game that we can set up in the backyard, and play together as a family. Look what I found at Aldi! It’s fun, it gets us some great exercise, and you simply can’t beat all the family time!


Where do I go when I want to find all the cool things at GREAT prices? ALDI, of course. You just can’t beat their Aldi Finds, AMIRITE?!?

I found this 5-In-1-Game right on the Aldi Finds aisle — my FAVORITE aisle in the store — and that’s saying A LOT, because I LOVE the whole store!


You can make five different games out of this one cool purchase: Volleyball, Badminton, Jai Alai, Ring Toss and Flying Disc.


Yeah, I had to look up how Jai Alai was played, too. According to the GQ website, “Jai Alai is a faster, even more dynamic and an ultimately more violent version of squash.”

In it, teams of two players play take to the court, also known as a fronton, which has three walls on its four sides, during which they take turns hurling a goat-skin, metal and rubber ball viciously fast against the walls using a xistera — sort of a modified scoop. The sport originated in the basque region of Spain and also has roots in the areas of France that border the Iberian peninsula.


So, there’s THAT game, and a few less violent games. Ha! Basically, a LOT of fun in one freaking box!


This set includes a carry bag, and everything you will need for all 5 games.


*Official size vinyl volleyball with inflating pump and needle
*2 tempered steel rackets with padded grips and 2 shuttlecocks (for Badminton)
*Hi-speed flying disc
*4 plastic rings and two target stakes (for Ring Toss)
*2 Jai Alai tossers and 1 ball


This ENTIRE set is only twenty bucks at Aldi! Can you even believe that?!? Backyard summer fun, here we come!

When you’re ready to take a break, in between battles of Jai Alai, you can also get these Unicorn Ice Cream Cones at Aldi, because why wouldn’t you want to eat brightly colored ice cream in a cone?!?


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