Trader Joe’s Is Selling $2 Bags Of Pickle Popcorn That Packs A Dill Pickle Punch And You Need To Try It

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I am about to blow your mind. I went to Trader Joe’s for the FIRST time yesterday.

I know, I’m a bit behind on the times. I didn’t realize exactly what a GREAT place it is. They had SO MANY things I wanted to throw in my cart! Like, why didn’t you TELL me about that Everything But The Bagel seasoning?!? I thought we were friends.

Ya know what else I saw? Pickle Popcorn. Yes, I’m serious. They had freaking PICKLE POPCORN!

I could make an entire MEAL of Pickles. I mean, I might add bread, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise, but there would DEFINITELY be pickles. Why? Pickles are life.

People are CRAZY for pickles right now! If you love the pickle, it’s a good time to be alive. There are pickle chips, pickle lip balm, cans of pickle juice, and even pickle bouquets.

The Trader Joe’s Pickle Popcorn fits nicely into this popular pickle mix, and you need to try it!

As two different reviewers said, “If you’re not a fan of dill (pickles), I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.” Why? Because it packs that Dill Pickle Punch!!

People are saying that this is not the FIRST time that Trader Joe’s has brought out this Pickle Popcorn — but see, I wouldn’t know that, because I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s before! Ha!

You can get an entire bag of this popcorn for less than two dollars, and I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic snack!

This Pickle Popcorn is only here for a limited time at Trader Joe’s. *Sad Face* So, if you find it, you better grab it up!

And, if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your town — like me — drive to the next big city that has one. Ha! If you love pickles, you simply do NOT want to miss this one.

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