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You Can Get Sweet Treats Caboodles That Are Stocked Full Of Makeup

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Where are my 90s babies at?

Remember Caboodles? GAH! They were the best, right?!?

I still have mine sitting on my desk — dark glittery purple with the BEST giant mirror.

Now you can get bright and colorful Caboodles that are repping your favorite sweet treats.

Get this! They have Fruity Pebbles, Sour Patch Kids, and — my personal favorite — Hershey’s.

And, y’all — they come packed full of makeup!!

These would make the perfect Christmas gift for that kiddo who is just getting started on their makeup journey.


Or me. They would make the perfect gift for me. LOL!!!

The Fruity Pebbles Caboodle is bright red and hot pink, and simply gorgeous.


Set includes Sticker Decals, 2 lip balms, lip balm holder, 1 lip gloss, 2 nail polishes, toe seperaters, 20 well eyeshadow pallete, 1 scrunchie, blush brush and shadow brush


You can also get the Sour Patch Kids Caboodle, which has a glittery green top and a solid green bottom.

Wouldn’t it be fun to include a bag of Sour Patch Kids candies to go along with the Caboodle as a gift?


My favorite — the Hershey’s Caboodle — is a light pink color, and perfect for that girly girl.

You don’t have to worry, because the makeup that’s included with these Caboodles are never tested on Animals.


Each of these Sweet Treats Caboodles runs $28. Not bad for a Caboodle AND makeup, right?!?

To get one of these Sweet Treats Caboodles, just head on over to the Walmart website.


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