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The Orangutans At The Toledo Zoo Have A Button They Can Use to Get People Wet and It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Get me a plane. My bags are packed, and I’m ready to go to Toledo right now!

Why Toledo? It may sound kinda random to some.

BUT, I just have to make my way to the Toledo Zoo to see their orangutan enclosure.

You’re going to want to go too! Just wait and hear what they are doing.

Orangutans are absolutely my favorite of all the great apes. That red fur, that adorable face, and that playful spirit. Gah!! I love them!!

They do something a little special for their orangutans at the Toledo Zoo.

The zoo knows full well that they have to keep all the orangutans’ senses stimulated, and they’ve found the CUTEST way to do that!

See, they’ve put a button in the orangutan enclosure.

This button, when pushed, squirts the people in front of the enclosure with water.

When the people jump and scream — which you know they’re going to do — the apes get a bit of visual stimulation.

It gives them a sort of sense of play, and allows them to interact with the visitors in a whole new way.

How cute is that?!?

I want to be squirted with water by an orangutan!!