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Was Meghan Markle’s Due Date Accidentally Released?

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If you love following the royal family as much as I do, you know how every morning you wake up hoping there is news on the royal baby to be.

This morning I was hoping I’d see that Meghan Markle had gone into labor but instead, I saw an article claiming that Meghan Markle’s Due Date may have accidentally been released…

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Now, you might think this isn’t exactly “news” and while it’s not news like it would be if she had gone into labor, it is news because Harry and Meghan have kept their lips sealed on when the royal baby is expected.

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Rumors have speculated that the baby would be born “any day now” hinting towards the middle of April but here we are, and no baby.

However, due to recent reports, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will be taking a trip to Germany on May 7 for a series of engagements. And since they’re expected to be nearby when the royal baby is born, we could assume that the baby is due before May 7.

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I mean, it would make perfect sense – the grandparents want to be around when the baby is born.

For now, we don’t know for sure, but it is starting to bring more pieces of the puzzle together.

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Meghan has to be due to soon but as for the gender of the baby, the name of the baby, and other details, we have no idea and the suspense is killing me!

We do know that the palace will announce when Meghan is in labor so we can at least wait in anticipation for that!

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