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Adam Sandler’s New Movie Breaks Several Records After Releasing on Netflix

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Who knew a talking lizard would have so much success.

Adam Sandler’s new movie has already broken several major records within less than a month after its debut.

Courtesy of Netflix

Gaining over 34 million viewers who tuned in to watch the new movie at home in just six days, that’s right, six, the talking lizard has earned his spot at the top of the English films list according to Netflix.

And after racking up as many viewers as it did, the adventurous film has also become the most viewed title this week, and the biggest debut for a Netflix animated film says the streaming company.

Courtesy of Netflix

The new film, which cats the entire Sandler family, has Adam who voices Leo the lizard and his wife Jackie Sandler who plays the character of Jayda’s mom.

Adam’s two daughters Sunny and Sadie, play Summer and Jayda in the hit film.

Courtesy of Netflix

Alongside the Sandler family, the rest of the cast includes Bill Burr (as Squirtle the turtle), Cecily Strong (as Ms. Malkin), Jason Alexander (as Jayda’s dad), Rob Schneider (the principle), and Jo Koy (as Coach Komura).

Heidi Gardner (as Eli’s mom), Nick Swardson (as the bunny), Robert Smigel (as the miniature horse), Ethan Smigel (as Anthony), Tienya Safko (as Skyler), Allison Strong (as Mrs. Salinas), and Stephanie Hsu (as Skyler’s mom) are also casted in the new film too.

Courtesy of Netflix

So for those of you who haven’t had a chance to stream the new movie just yet, you can watch Leo right now, on Netflix!

Courtesy of Netflix

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