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You Are Invited To The Walmart Self Checkout “Employee” Christmas Party

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Raise your hand if you feel like a Walmart employee — ringing up and bagging your own groceries.

Shoot, I think I deserve one of those nifty blue Walmart vests emblazoned with the bright yellow Walmart logo.

Well, this year, we are actually getting rewarded for our unwanted part-time job at our favorite big box grocery store.

Sort of. We are sort of getting rewarded.

Someone on the Facebooks has taken it upon themselves to host a “Walmart Self Checkout Employee Party,” and we may as well plan to go.

After all, we sort of work there.

Who is invited? Anyone who has shopped at Walmart in 2023 and used self checkout.
Come celebrate with your fellow checkers.

Walmart Self Checkout Employee Party Description

Now, is this event hosted by Walmart?


Is it actually a real party?

Also no.

But, it may as well be the biggest fake Christmas party in history!

This “party” is set to take place on December 9 from 8 pm to 11 pm, but there aren’t actually any festivities planned.

It’s more a place for us all to collectively gripe, complain, and commiserate about our “employer.”

So far, there are 82.3 thousand people “Going” to the event, and another 375.8 thousand people “Interested.”

I guess we should note that this event planner specifically says that you shouldn’t go to Walmart and try to have a party.

You aren’t actually invited to the Walmart employee Christmas party. LOL!!

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