Here’s How You Can Keep Your Dogs Calm During Fireworks

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Fireworks are fun for most people (remember to check in on war veterans, though) but for dogs, they basically spend the entire evening thinking they are going to die.

According to the American Kennel Society, more pets go missing during 4th of July festivities than any other time.

It makes sense, really.

Dogs have no idea what is going on, they just know loud noises are coming from every direction, and there is nothing they can do to stop them.

What can you do to keep your dogs calm during fireworks?

The number one way to keep your dog from freaking out during fireworks is to bring pets inside. Even if they are outside dogs, even if they never come inside, just bring them in. And bring them in all night, too. Because people are going to be setting off fireworks all night long.

Stay home. I know it can be super fun to go and see the fireworks with your friends, but if you have a dog that is prone to freak outs anyway, stay home with them.

Snuggle with your dog under a blanket. The blanket will give them an extra added feeling of protection. You can actually buy a vest that gives them a little more security, but a blanket will work, too. Especially if you’re there with them.

Put dogs in their crates. If you are planning on going out for fireworks festivities, then don’t leave your dog all alone to wander the big house. Dogs are den animals and feel most comfortable in enclosed spaces. They will feel less stressed in their crates during fireworks.

Distract them. Every year we buy our dogs special toys that we give to them in the fourth. We make sure they are extra crinkly and extra distracting so that they get so involved in their toys they forget about what is happening around them.

Play loud music. I know this sounds a little counter intuitive, but it works. If your dog is used to hearing music in your house, turn it up a bit on the fourth, so they will just feel like the sounds they are hearing are from the soundtrack.

Just remember, give them extra love, attention and cuddles. Tomorrow it will all be over.

Make SURE your dog is microchipped, too. Because if they do run off, you have a way better chance of getting them back.

Happy Fourth!

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