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If You Have Coulrophobia, This House Is NOT For You!

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It’s – it’s hard for me to even write this because my Coulrophobia is so bad, but I feel as if I have to share with y’all because I don’t want anyone else to experience what I experienced. For the uninitiated, coulrophobia is a fear of clowns. I can not handle them. I won’t be seeing the new IT, I don’t go to the circus (is there even a circus to go to anymore?). If one of those creepy clown people came out of the woods toward me I’d likely throat-punch it right before I died. It’s BAD. Where you see sweet Mr. Binkles handing out balloons at the park, I see John Wayne Gacy chopping up children in his basement. Screw clowns, and screw anyone who likes them. And more than that? Screw whatever evil human decorated the inside of this house. Trust me, if you have coulrophobia, this house is NOT for you! Just take a look!

If You Have Coulrophobia, This House Is NOT For You!

222 CHATHAM Street, Brantford, Ontario   N3S4H1…not so bad…

Okay, this angle is a bit creepy, but sure, sure…

Nice garage. Plenty of space.

HOLY SHIZ! For the love of God, WHY!?!?!

How does someone even find all these clowns!?!?

In the kitchen, too? I’d starve to death!

Okay, admittedly a clown in the bathroom isn’t such a bad idea. If you’re going to pee yourself this IS the room to do it in.

That clown in the swing on the floor basically says, “No sex in here. Ever.”

What is up with that clown shrine in the corner!?! That guy is HUGE!

I’m out. Seriously. This room doesn’t even pretend to be about anything other than clowns.

WAIT – are those clown paddles!?!? WHAT KIND OF FRESH HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?

No, seriously, I’m done. And I’ll probably never sleep again.

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  1. that is one creepy ass house my dad is severly scared of clouns can u send those pic to me