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Ralph Macchio And Jackie Chan Are Teaming Up For A New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie And I’m So Excited

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Y’all!! Merry Christmas to us!!

The Karate Kid universe is expanding, and two of my favorite characters are teaming up to make this film happen.

Ralph Macchio — the karate kid that started it all — and Jackie Chan are uniting for a brand new Karate Kid film, and this is so exciting.

We just had the fun of seeing Ralph Macchio in Cobra Kai, but it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen Jackie Chan in the Karate Kid universe.

These two together can only be a good thing!!

Not much is being spilled about this film as of yet.

Sony Pictures

We know that it’s going to take place on the East coast, and the focus will be on a teen from China who connects with a tough martial arts mentor — who just might bring the wisdom they need.

Ralph will, of course, be reprising the role of Daniel LaRusso, whom we met in the OG Karate Kid and then reconnected with on Cobra Kai.

Columbia Pictures

Jackie Chan will be donning the character of Mr. Han, whom we were introduced to in the 2010 Karate Kid remake.

Y’all. They don’t even have an actor yet for the teen from China who will be the center of this new film.

Sony Pictures

Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan joined forces to release a video announcing a global search for the film’s main character.

This is a bit weird…

Sony Pictures

While they don’t yet have a main character, they already have a release date for Dec. 13, 2024. LOL!!

You can see the video by Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan below.

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