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Fruity Pebbles Cereal Flavored Coffee Exists So Now You Can Drink Your Breakfast Too

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Now you can have your morning cereal and enjoy your morning coffee at the same time.

Coffee Over Cardio brought out a new line of ground coffee beans just in time for the holidays, and they are all about the Pebbles Cereal.

Coffee Over Cardio

There are 2 flavors of these new Pebbles Cereal ground coffee beans, and I want them both!

They are introducing Cocoa Pebbles Cereal Flavored Ground Coffee and Fruity Pebbles Cereal Flavored Ground Coffee.

Coffee Over Cardio

The Cocoa Pebbles Coffee adds a smooth cocoa taste to your morning cup of coffee, while the Fruity Pebbles Coffee is a fruit-flavored brew.

I can see myself loving the Cocoa Pebbles Coffee, but I’m going to have to taste the Fruity Pebbles version. I’m not too sure about fruit-flavored coffee.

Coffee Over Cardio

But, I’m willing to try anything when it comes to my obsession with the bean.

Each bag of the Pebbles Ground Coffee is a big 12 ounces in size, and — being coffee and all — are zero calories, gluten free, and sugar free.

Coffee Over Cardio

This Coffee Over Cardio Pebbles Ground Coffee runs $25 a bag, and you get free shipping if you spend $35 or more.

So, you may as well get BOTH bags!!

To get your own Coffee Over Cardio Pebbles Ground Coffee, just hit up the Coffee Over Cardio website.

Coffee Over Cardio

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