You Can Plant Succulents That Look Like Tiny Alligator Mouths And They Are A Sight To See

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I’m not the biggest fan of alligators, but they’re definitely a sight to see when you visit Florida.

I went to an alligator farm once in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the alligators were too close for comfort if you ask me!

Courtesy of PlantPoachers

However, if you are a fan of alligators, you can purchase succulents off of Etsy that looks like an open Alligator’s mouth!

Courtesy of PlantPoachers

This succulent goes by many names, such as the Mexican Hat Plant, Alligator Plant and the Devil’s Backbone, just to name a few. But for our sake, we’ll just call this succulent, the Alligator Plant.

Currently @PlantPoachers, is selling Alligator Plants for only 18 dollars each.

Courtesy of PlantPoachers

If you get lucky, Alligator Plants will bloom into a large cluster of pink flowers; one can only hope.

This type of succulent, similar to most, is low maintenance. They thrive in well lit areas and should be watered moderately in the beginning growth stages. You can water your plant sparingly once it matures.

Courtesy of PlantPoachers

If you choose to order your own Alligator Plant, don’t worry about finding a pot, @PlantPoachers has that covered and will ship you your Alligator Plant in a 4 inch pot!

Courtesy of PlantPoachers

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