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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

In case you didn’t know we are right in the middle of Chinese New Year! It’s a celebration based on the Chinese lunar calendar, and this year it falls on February 8 – February 22. So if you are excited and want to celebrate but don’t know how, we are happy to tell you that we are partnering with Tai Pei to share How to Celebrate Chinese New Year! Let the celebration begin!

how to celebrate chinese new year

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

As with any celebration there are a few basics that you need to have a good time. These include:

  • Decorations
  • Activities
  • Food and Drinks


First, let’s talk decorations. When you think of Chinese celebrations what often comes to mind? For me, it’s dragons, lanterns, and red envelopes. Those seem to be quite iconic.

Chinese dragons are legendary creatures to the Chinese and symbolize power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it so having dragons (and lots of them) at your celebration is a must!

Lanterns originally were used in wars but have since become a traditional decoration for celebrations. Kids especially love them! You can make these or find them at just about any party store. Plus they add a bit of elegance and fun to the party.

Red envelopes are my favorite kind of decoration because they also serve as a gift! Red envelopes are a symbol for luck and good fortune. You fill the red envelops with money and gift them to party guests. The red is also supposed to ward of evil spirits!How to Celebrate Chinese New Year Featured


Activities are what make celebrations truly fun. Some traditional Chinese New Year celebration activities include; gifting new clothes, playing music and dancing (dragon dances), setting off firecrackers, ancestor worship, and decorating buildings and streets with traditional decorations. Sounds fun, right?

As long as you are having fun and celebrating the true meaning behind Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong!


After all that dancing and celebrating you are going to need to fuel your body to keep going. What could be a better way than with some traditional Chinese food? Sure, you can make it homemade or even order take-out but you can also save yourself some hard work and grab Tai Pei entrées and appetizers.How to Celebrate Chinese New Year3

Tai Pei realizes you want delicious food but would rather spend your time celebrating Chinese New Year than cooking for it. That is why they have a collection of entrees (single serve) and appetizers (multi-serve) to feed you and your hungry guests.

I recently visited my local grocery store and found some delicious options. The Tai Pei Beef and Broccoli is by far my favorite but you just have them all to see what you like!How to Celebrate Chinese New Year4

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year5

In addition to the ones I found, Tai Pei has several different entrees and appetizers. For entrees they offer chicken, beef, rice, and chow mein varieties. For appetizers they offer a variety of egg rolls and pot stickers to suit anyone’s needs.

So while you are celebrating Chinese New Year keep our tips in mind for throwing the perfect celebration. You can find more information regarding Tai Pei and their products by visiting their website. You can also follow them socially on Facebook and Pinterest. You can even print coupons to save on single serve entrees and multi-serve appetizers.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tai Pei. The opinions and text are all mine.