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You Can Play The ‘Saran Wrap Christmas Game’ With Your Entire Family This Holiday Season

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Ahhh I am so excited for the holidays!! Yes, I know things will be different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make lemonade out of lemons!

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This year my family and I are going to make it super fun with all sorts of Christmas themed food and games. One of those games: The Saran Wrap Christmas Game!!


What is the Saran Wrap Christmas Game, you ask?

Well, it’s a game where you wrap up several items such as money, gift cards, candy, small toys and trinkets and encase them entirely in saran wrap. You essentially make it an entire ball of items wrapped in saran wrap.


Then, one person begins unwrapping the ball while another person rolls dice.

Once doubles are rolled, the ball is passed to a new player and the game continues until the ball is unwrapped.


The player that unwraps that item while the ball is in their possession, gets to keep it! So, if you unwrap money on your turn, it’s YOURS!


This is a really fun and easy holiday game to play with family. I am sure my kids are going to love it and we are totally playing it this year!


Doesn’t it sound super fun?!

You can check out the full video on how to make one below.

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  1. Very cool idea, except that you are wasting an enormous amount of plastic that will never degrade in a landfill. Just saying…

  2. This is our 3rd year of the plastic wrap ball full of a $20, 5-$10 gift cards, 10-$5 gift cards and bags of candy. Our older grandchildren love it. This year I made a smaller ball for great grandson full of his favorite Spider-Man figurines, candy and a $10 cold stone gift card, so he wouldn’t feel left out.

    1. @Peggy LaGrange, Great suggestions for prizes. Thanks!