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Britney Spears Appears To Have A Public Meltdown In A Restaurant As Her Husband Storms Out

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Oh, Brit. Not another public meltdown.

Britney was out to eat in L.A. with her husband, Sam Asghari, when she all of a sudden started to have some kind of bizarre manic episode.

It was so bad, Sam got up and actually left her sitting at the table solo.

Spoiler Alert — that didn’t make the situation any better.

According to TMZ, Britney, Sam, and a bodyguard showed up for a nice dinner at JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills, California.

Of course, she’s Britney Spears, so people totally began to recognize her.

And, as inappropriate as people can be, they started to stare and take pictures and videos of the super star and her husband.

That triggered poor Brit.

Things just went downhill from there.

People say that Britney began acting rather crazy. She was yelling and talking gibberish.

No, not some other language, just unintelligible noises. Like words that weren’t words.

Sam got visibly freaked out, and got up and stormed out.

That didn’t stop poor Britney.

She sat there by herself at the table for another 2 minutes, talking gibberish the whole time.


She did take to Instagram after the incident, and posted a cryptic image of a woman sitting at a table.

They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did!

Melissa Illustrations via Britney Spears Instagram

Britney also posted a video of herself dancing and flipping the bird over and over again.

Was it a response to the restaurant incident? Who knows.

You can watch the strange video below.

What are your thoughts?

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