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You Can Plant Midnight Oil Pink Sunflowers and I Need Them In My Yard

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You know, I used to think sunflowers only came in the bright sunny yellow, but then I found out about the gorgeous Black Cherry Sunflowers!

rex_marsh – Instagram

Then I found out there were hybrid varieties like the Midnight Oil Blue Sunflowers!

WeedandSeed – Etsy

Well, today I found out that there is another hybrid variety called Midnight Oil Pink Sunflowers and they are spectacular!

The cool thing about sunflowers is that they are pretty easy to grow and keep up with.

They also grow pretty quickly and have huge beautiful crowning blooms!

Even I, the lady with a severely black thumb can manage to grow sunflowers and that’s saying a lot.

These sunflowers are annuals, so once you plant them you can collect the seeds and replant them every year if you like.

I love seeing open fields filled with sunflowers, imagine how magical a field of different colored sunflowers would be.

Sunflowers also work great as a border plant, and along your fence lines… plus they just make people happy.

Make sure you collect the seeds from your sunflowers when they die off so that you can share them with friends or plant more next year.

I found a couple of sellers on Etsy selling the Midnight Oil Pink Sunflower seeds, so you can head on over and order yours now from WeedandSeed and HouseOfCardsByOmen.

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