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You Can Plant Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers And I Need Them In My Yard!

Everyone knows what a sunflower looks like right? They are the epitome of sunny day feelings.

They are bright yellow, with a dark seeded center and grow massively tall. I love them!

What I didn’t know was that you can get sunflowers that are chocolate cherry colored. The chocolate cherry sunflowers are absolutely stunning!

NewHillFarms – Etsy

They grow into about a 6-inch flower head that has dark deep red petal edges, that transitions into a darker chocolate brown center.

rex_marsh – Instagram

This is a branching variety of sunflower. If you choose not to pinch them, then you can expect to get some that are 8 feet tall with a 8-inch flower head!

NewHillFarms – Etsy

If you do pinch them off, then you will have a short plant that branches off with more flowers. Those flowers will have plant heads that are about 6 inches.

catnipandjaegerpilots – Instagram

Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers Culture Info:

  • Soil temperature: 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Germination lighting: Dark required
  • Germination days: 4 – 8 days
  • Spread: 24″ inches
  • Height: Max 72″
  • Plant type: annual
  • Maturation days: 70 days
ivys_mindful_garden – Instagram

I love that these are low maintenance and require nothing more than weekly watering after planting.

kcharles1172 – Etsy customer review

Seeds came quickly. Can’t wait to see these beautiful sunflowers!

kcharles1172 – Etsy customer review

You can order your own Chocolate Cherry Sunflower seeds from NewHillFarms on Etsy for only $2.99 for 30 seeds!

persephone.problems – Instagram