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Must-Have Hocus Pocus Presents For The Witch In You

In case you haven’t noticed, Hocus Pocus is making a major comeback this year. Stores are filled with Hocus Pocus presents and decorations so we’ve found those must-haves for this Halloween!

I remember watching Hocus Pocus as a kid and being terrified of zombies and talking black cats.

Now, it’s a total tradition in our home to watch Hocus Pocus around Halloween. Even my kids love it!

If you love the show as much as I bet you do, you’ll love these Hocus Pocus presents and decorations you can use to witchify your home. (That is a word, right?)

Must-Have Hocus Pocus Presents For The Witch In You

First and foremost, you’ll need to own the Hocus Pocus DVD especially if you’ve never seen the movie.

Love magic? You need this “It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus T-Shirt” – comes in other colors too!

Remind your family and friends you put a spell on them with this “I Put A Spell On You” Bracelet.

For times you are feeling extra witchy (or just want to clean your house in style) you need this Velvet Hooded Cape.

Decorate your home witch style with these Hocus Pocus Halloween Art Prints.

Be legit with those Spells with the authentic Spell Book from Hocus Pocus!

Not a morning person? This Hocus Pocus Mug is for you. It’s everything mornings aren’t!

Set up Billy Butcherson’s Hanging Head for all to see.


I think between this Hocus Pocus Long Sleeve Tee and the mug above people will get how much you loathe mornings.

When all is said and done, relax and take witch naps on these Hocus Pocus Pillows.

Want more Hocus Pocus in your life? Check out this Hocus Pocus Slime