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Ranch Dressing Soda Exists and I Don’t Know How to Feel

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I’m not a crazy ranch dressing person. I do like a good ranch with the right foods though. Some people are crazy obsessive over it though. Like my oldest daughter, she puts that stuff on everything.


But today I learned there is a Ranch Dressing Soda and I’m a bit disgusted and a bit intrigued. Like, how and why does this exist and yea, I think I have to try it just to say I did.

This is not a joke, it really is a thing!


So as soon as I found out I searched social media to see if anyone was talking about it. I needed to hear from real people on what their thoughts were about this Ranch Dressing Soda. Some people loved it…


Others hated it. I’m a bit nervous, but I think I should order a variety of these funky flavored sodas and do a taste test party with the kids and their friends.


Lester’s Fixins Ranch Dressing Soda says that it tastes just like Ranch Dressing, however, it is carbonated because it is soda. It’s made with 100% cane sugar. I just don’t know…how does this make you feel?


But like I said, It’s something that I feel like I have to taste test. Be sure to let me know if you have personally tried it. I would like to know what you thought!


If you’re brave like me and want to give it a try, you can order it on Amazon for $2.99! Let’s do this thing! This could be the best party game ever, think about it!


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