Jim Carrey Is Reportedly Working On Ace Ventura 3, But It May Not Respond Well In Today’s Culture

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Ace Ventura is one of those movie series I just never got around to. I was a sheltered kid. But my husband recently insisted I watch them, so I did.

Ace Ventura

So it comes to no surprise that a new Ace Ventura movie is coming out. I feel like every movie at this point is getting a reboot or sequel. Are we finally running out of ideas?


It was announced earlier this year that another Ace Ventura movie was in the works, but of course, the virus hit and everything was put to a halt.


Plus, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie took off unexpectedly, so Jim Carrey has been a bit tied up with that. There’s been talk of more sequels and spinoffs of that as well.


But there are some obvious concerns as to what this new version of the Ventura movies would look like. If you don’t recall, the previous movies contained a lot of homophobic content, which obviously wouldn’t be tolerated these days.


Taking humor from the 90s and making it “safe” for today is unfortunately a place you have to tread lightly. Not to mention, the kooky humor doesn’t translate the same anymore either. Good luck to whoever is making this movie.


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