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Disney+ Sucks. There, I Said It

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I was so excited for Disney+. When Disney first announced their own streaming service, I was freak out all in. All my favorite movies, shows and characters in one place? Unlimited kid-friendly television that I won’t have to check and make sure is kid-friendly? Yes, please.

But, after a month or so of having the service, I have to say that Disney+ sucks.

Why is Disney+ so bad? Well, there are a few reasons.

There’s not nearly enough stuff on Disney+.

Disney is seriously the king of content, so why then– does it feel like there are only eight shows and fifteen movies on the entire service? I know there are a lot more, but for some reason the content library just feels really thin.

Maybe it feels that way though, because the Disney+ interface is freaking hard to use. It’s so hard to figure out what shows are on Disney streaming. Half the time, the only reason I know there’s something good on is because I read about a friend watching it on Facebook.

And that’s a really weird way to figure out what to watch next.

But the biggest problem isn’t a lack of movies, or television shows, it’s the utter lack of NEW television and movies. There’s like, six new shows. That’s not nearly enough new content to satisfy anyone in this on-demand time.

And the worst part of all the new content is that they don’t put all of the episodes of the shows on at once.

Look Disney, we know you’re the king and all that, but here’s the thing– we like to binge watch our television. We like to immerse ourselves in the world for a week or two and fall in love with the characters and the atmosphere.

One episode a week is not enough for us to get into a show. It just isn’t. And honestly with the exception of The Mandalorian, I don’t even know that any of the new shows are worth watching. That’s really out of character for Disney.

Also, quit being so stingy with the baby Yoda.

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  1. My biggest problem with Disney + every time I go to it the audio and video don’t match it’s like watching an old Japanese Godzilla movie and then it screws up every other streaming service and I have to unplug the Roku to get them to match

  2. Thank you for putting this out there. I really want to like Disney+, but I hate absolutely hate, the weekly release of episodes. I got a year subscription because of the value at only $70, but I think I’ll just cancel that and pick up the service for one month a year to catch the shows I want to see. No reason to pay all year to be frustrated by weekly releases of shows.

  3. It does feel rather thin on content it seems, and its hard to navigate through.

    But the biggest problem for me is that you cannot jump anywhere into a video. So its hard to check certain sequences or seens.

  4. We got this service as a gift Dec 2020. I think its bad because its 2021 and it doesnt stream properly on even windows 10. Mine always breaks halfway through and on restart, it starts over at the beginning. It doesnt work on android or linux which have the same browsers as the pc. I tried installing the android app but it wouldnt install properly so that doesnt work either. The menu is SUPER hard to use – who tested it? I think i just clicked movies and scrolled through every single one – it didnt take too long either. So hard to use, barely works even on windows. Doesnt work on many devices. They definitely should have gone with a different computer programming service as their availability and menu system suck. Content is a bit small too considering all the disney shows I watched as a kid. Well, its a gift so I can’t complain but as a paid service, its a no-go.

  5. I completely agree. I’m not even sure how they got so many subscribers. I was beyond disappointed. The lack of new shows is GLARING and you’re right – the content library is thin. I kept asking myself “is this it?”.

  6. I got Disney plus about a week ago and I think it sucks I’ve seen all that I want to see already so l Typed in Disney pulse sucks And I was shocked to find this page and relieved at the same time that l am not alone I want more variety If I wanted to watch shows every week I would stick with cable TV

  7. Thank you! About time I hear someone staying the obvious. I think there are a lot of people disposition Ted at this service. After watching the Avengers 2 times there is just not enough content. It sucks!

  8. Dumbest article I’ve literally ever read. Seriously, you are not an “author” lmao

  9. Now that they aren’t doing the Lizzie reboot they can f right off.

  10. I still have to pay for Disney and marvel movies with this service?
    No new content.
    Waste of$$

  11. For me the lack of new content is disappointing especially considering it’s DISNEY.. I loved Mandalorian, and I’ll watch just about any other thing they want to put out (except “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”) it just seems like they launched a bit early to me. I suppose I can do like many others are doing and cancel for now until they get it together.

    1. Totally agree, nothing new to watch, sure the Mandalorian is great but EVERY thing else is so
      Old. Dropped it after the first month. When new Mandalorian episodes drop I simply download they off Piratebay and stick them on my Plex server.

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