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‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Was So Phenomenal I Am Desperate For Season Two

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I am still seriously SHOOK. I cannot believe that I fell in love with a show SO fast, but I did. I binge watched the ENTIRE season of Tiny Pretty Things within two days. Sorry not sorry.


The one bad thing I will say, is that this is SO not meant for teens. Yes, it’s based off of high school students, but the level of PDA might as well be porn. So parents, you’ve been warned.


Now that I’ve made that clear, I (as an adult) LOVED it. It had the perfect blend of romance, intrigue, mystery, drama, suspense, and scandal all rolled up into one pretty little bow.


It has been a VERY long time since I have gotten hooked on a series like this. At first, it gave me Pretty Little Liar vibes. But it was much more mature than that when it came to the storyline and acting. I really can’t say too much bad about it. And that excites me.


If you are massively conservative, don’t watch this. I will say that. Amid the sex, lies, and oh yeah, murder, there’s so much of a great storyline that I would suggest it to anyone, but at the same time, there is a LOT of sex and scandal so if that isn’t your cup of tea, skip this one.


The way that it ended obviously calls for a second season, which we were already expecting since there is a second book. But I don’t think I can honestly wait so I will be ordering the books to hold me over until then!


Have you had a chance to binge watch it yet? What are your thoughts?


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