Pink Rosé-Flavored Kettle Corn Is Officially In Stores and It Is Delicious

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Are you a wine lover like me? Do you look for more reasons to eat/drink wine products? Then I have quite the treat for you!

Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop has released a Rosé flavored wine popcorn that is AMAZING!

I discovered this by accident while roaming around Walgreens waiting for my pictures to print, and man, do I feel like I have hit the jackpot!!! Just seeing that there was wine flavored popcorn at all had me excited. But Rosé?!? Now you’re speaking my love language!


This new flavor of popcorn was first announced in February, but people were having a hard time finding it. But I have discovered one in the wild for myself so the magical unicorn of snack time IS real!


And it tastes AMAZING.

I was so excited to try it that I barely made it to my car before ripping the bag open. It is DIVINE.

Then I got home and popped open a bottle of Rosé I had, and it was freaking fantastic together. I think I’m going to have to start a cult following after this popcorn. Seriously.


I’m assuming this is a limited time flavor but I’m really hoping it’s not. I can see myself snacking on this for a very long time.

So if it goes away, you better bet I’ll be starting a petition! But a nice one, not a Karen style one. (so sorry if your name is Karen, I mean no disrespect.)


The pink dusting on this popcorn is so pretty that this would be SO perfect for any party, baby shower, birthday, wine tasting, honestly the list could go on forever. I love this idea below of filling up wine glasses with the popcorn to serve to guests!


If this had existed when I was having my daughter, this would have been an appetizer at the baby shower. I can’t get over the cuteness of this product. And that’s without even covering the amazing taste of it!


Have you been able to get your hands on one of these amazing bags of Rosé Popcorn? Where did you find yours? It’s pretty clear these are not exclusive to any store, but so far Walgreens is my only discovery. So I’m interested to see where else these have been popping up!


If you have already tried this, comment below and tell us what you think? Is it the best popcorn flavor ever int he entire world?!! Or are you more partial to another flavor? Let us know below!


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  1. Love this popcorn ? hoping it’s not a limited flavor!!

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