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This Artist Embroiders Incredibly Realistic Looking Art and I Wish I Had Her Talent

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I don’t even know how this is possible. The talent and skill are just mind-blowing! I would love to have even 5% of her talent and skill! This is a true artist!

ipnot – Instagram

Her name is ipnot, which is a nickname she has had since she was a child. Her love of embroidery came from watching her grandmother embroider.


When she discovered the French knot embroidery stitch it quickly became her favorite and is now her signature style. She uses her needle like a paintbrush really! The detail is insane. Just look at this moon!


The thing that caught my attention with this artist, was a simple slice of pizza I saw while scrolling Instagram late last night. I noticed it was a video, so of course, I clicked play on it, and that is the moment my mind was blown…


Did that not look totally real? Not only is the detail of the pizza crust insane, but she made it have stretchy melty cheese! It looks so real!

ipnot – Instagram

Even this apple amongst real apples…look at the detail, even the highlight is phenomenal! How does she do it?


This flame, completely made from embroidery floss, but so real looking!


This itty bitty anatomical heart! Is this something I could learn? Or does she just have some sort of magical crafting power?


She even touched on a bit of horror with this one below! Creepy goodness! She isn’t limited to one style! She can do it all it seems!


I’m definitely a fan and will be continuing to follow her work. So inspiring! E.T. Phone home! I love it!


You can learn more about her art by following her Instagram or checking out her website! Can you believe she even makes portraits this way? It has to be magic…


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