A Chocolate-Themed Cruise Is Setting Sail And I Want To Go

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It’s coming April of 2020! A chocolate-themed cruise is ready to set sail from the Mediterranean, for a glorious EIGHT days of everything dedicated to chocolate!


Eurochocolate is a HUGE chocolate festival that takes place in Italy over ten days. It winds around the city roads, and is now on my bucket list!

According to their website, the festival is completely FREE, and hosts all kinds of chocolatey events. Tastings, sculptures, and exhibitions can all be done while walking the streets in Umbria, Italy.

Now Eurochocolate has taken this festival type atmosphere, and placed it on the high seas. Sign me up!


According to the Costa Cruise website, the Eurochocolate cruise will have tastings, chocolate sculptures, workshops where you can make your own chocolates and pastries, and there will even be excursions in different Italian cities along the way.

In an interview, Carlo Schiavon, the Costa Cruises’ Italy Country Manager said:

Via Costa Cruises

“We try to offer unique experiences to our guests […] and this is possible also thanks to prestigious partnerships like the one with Eurochocolate.” “[It] will allow us to have for the first time aboard a cruise ship the vibe, the fun and the tastes of the greatest international festival dedicated to chocolate.”

Not only will there be tons of heavenly chocolate yumminess, you get to tour the Mediterranean along the way! After leaving Genoa, Italy, the ship makes stops in Barcelona, Spain, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the island of Malta, and Catania, Italy.

Via Costa Cruises

Um, YES, PLEASE!! Chocolate, a cruise ship, the beautiful Mediterranean, chocolate, yummy food, the ocean, and chocolate. How do I sign up for this cruise?


To reserve your spot on this one-of-a-kind cruise, you simply go to the Costa website. There you can get all the information about this cruise, and sign yourself up to set sail!

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