If It’s Too Hot To Wear A Sweaty Mask In The Summer, Here’s What You Can Do

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Let’s be honest. It’s getting as hot as the seventh level of Hades outside, and it is super uncomfortable to wear that mask.

If you are anything like me, you have reasoned with yourself, and almost talked yourself into foregoing that layer of protection.

Fight the urge. Resist. Just because the world has opened back up, does not mean the coronavirus is gone.


There have been over 2,066,000 cases of the coronavirus is the U.S. so far.

Of those positive cases, over 115,000 people have died. You may be saying, “But that is a relatively small percent of people.”

Did you hear me say that 115 THOUSAND people have died from this virus? That is NOT a small number. The PERCENT might be small, but that number is WAY, WAY too big for my comfort.


To put that number into perspective, my ENTIRE CITY only has 25 Thousand people living in it. More people have died in the U.S. from the coronavirus than live in my entire town — times 4.6!!


But, it’s so dang hot. What are we supposed to do when it feels like we can’t breathe, and are going to overheat and pass out due to wearing a mask?


Well, first of all, breathing is pretty dang important. Yes, it is important to wear a mask, but it’s also important that you be able to breathe in that mask. What material is your mask made out of?


Cotton is a good fabric, because it is breathable. If your mask is made of some fabric OTHER than cotton, you might want to consider investing in some new mask — even if it’s just for the hot summer months.

But, you are wearing a cotton mask, and you still feel like you’re suffocating!!

Well, if you have to take off your mask for a minute, take that mask break. Just make sure that you are at least 6-feet away from any other people while taking that break. If you are in a crowded public place, get somewhere that is away from others, and take that break you need. Allow yourself to breathe freely for a minute or two.


Drink a lot of water. Masks WILL make you sweat a little more, so it is important to stay hydrated. But, but — how are you supposed to drink anything while you are wearing a mask? Get at least 6-feet away from the people next to you, slip off your mask, and take a couple long cool sips of water.

A sweaty mask is a gross mask. It is also liable to make it even harder to breathe through a wet, sweaty mask. Carry a few spare clean, dry masks with you.


You might have to take the extra thirty seconds to prepare to leave your house in the mornings by remembering to grab extra masks, but you will THANK yourself later! There is NOTHING like having a FRESH Clean mask to make you feel just a little better.

The risk of coronavirus is generally lower outdoors, where wind can blow the virus away and you can (hopefully) maintain distance from others.


You should be okay in a pool or at the beach, as long as you can maintain 6-feet distance from others. Once you get out though, you should put that mask back on. Anytime you can’t clear a 6-foot distance from someone, that mask should be on.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Not only should you be drinking water and keeping it with you, you may want to carry a wet washcloth or rag that you can put on the back of your neck or your forehead.

Now, how the heck are you supposed to carry a wet rag around?!?

Do you have a purse? Get a sandwich bag, wet a rag, ring it out so it is damp, and keep it in the baggy. It will stay damp for quite awhile this way, and will be easy to get out and use as you need it.

If you are carrying a water bottle with you, you can also re-dampen your rag with a bit of water from your water bottle.

I can tell you from experience (I’m a professional Disnerd. I have plenty of experience around crowds in the HEAT of the summer!), if you have a DRY rag that can be used to wipe some of the sweat off your forehead and neck, you will feel more comfortable, and probably stay cooler.


Stay in the shade when possible. This will make a WORLD of difference!! You will be much less likely to overheat in the shade than in the middle of the hot rays of the sun!


Yes. It sucks that it’s summer, and you should still wear a mask. But, the bottom line is — it’s summer, and you should still wear a mask. Just because you are hot, doesn’t mean the coronavirus has disappeared from the earth. The numbers are still staggering.

Better safe than sorry, my friend. Wear that mask.


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