I Just Found Out That Colored Cauliflower Exists and My Mind Is Blown

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Serious question, have I just been living under a rock?

Until now, I had no idea there was colored cauliflower other than white!

Thanks to TikToker @emilymariko who exposed the differently colored cauliflower on social media while showing her followers a grocery haul, commenters were quick to note the change of color!

Courtesy of @emilymariko

The brightly colored head of cauliflower was colored exactly like lilac, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy the basic white colored cauliflower ever again!

So What Is Purple Cauliflower and How Does It Taste?

Purple cauliflower gets its color from the antioxidant also found in red wine called anthocyanin, plus increased sun exposure.

The best heads of purple cauliflower to shop for are the ones with tightly closed florets, the head should feel heavy and sturdy while the smell should remind you of freshly cut grass in the spring, plus a little bitter.

The taste is mild, slightly sweet with nutty tones.

Other than the newly discovered purple cauliflower, there’s also an orange variety of the vegetable and seriously my mind has been blown not once, but twice.

What Is Orange Cauliflower and How Does It Taste?

Unlike purple cauliflower, the orange plant get its color from beta carotene which is a high source of vitamin A and is nicknamed the ‘Cheddar Cauliflower”, although it tastes nothing like cheese.

Courtesy of @nakryskitchen

Rather the taste is similar to its purple cousin and is mild, slightly sweet, and creamy!

So whether or not you prefer to cook with white, orange or purple cauliflower, I recommend pairing the orange and purple variety on top of brightly colored greens for a colorful plate and of course a vibrant Instagram picture!

Courtesy of @emilymariko

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