Kiwi On Pizza Is Here And I Am Not Sure How to Feel

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People are putting Kiwi Fruit on their pizza, and I want to say it sounds awful– but I won’t.

Here’s the thing, though. I wanted to hate the PINEAPPLE on pizza too, but those little yellow slivers of sweet and tarty flavor are now my favorite! Kiwi pizza might be the new pineapple.

You might be saying, “Fruit doesn’t go on pizza!” My response would be, “Have you tried it?”

It gives a nice sweet contrast to the saltiness of the meat or the heat of the peppers.

I won’t get my pizza without it now.

Kiwi works in much the same way. It has that tropical vibe that the pineapple brings to the table.

To look at it, I want to think it would be disgusting — with its green color and seeds — but I am going to have to say, it’s pretty damn good!

I like the fruity tang up against the heat of a pepper. It’s jalapeños and fruit all day for me.

I’m about to say something else controversial.

I like my hot and fruity pizza with RANCH dressing.

I like to make a ranch dressing dip, and mix in a little Sriracha. It’s to.die.for. And, you totally have to try it!

Mix half a cup of ranch — you have to make your own ranch — bottled ranch is unacceptable. Mix in one tablespoon of Sriracha. Then, adjust it to your preferred taste.

So, there you have it. You have GOT to try KIWI pizza — add it to meats or peppers — then make yourself a tasty spiced-up ranch dressing to dip it in. You’re welcome.

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