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Here’s How Essential Workers Can Communicate With The Hard Of Hearing Using Common Sign Language

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This is pretty cool. With the current situation of the world, we are all (supposed to be) wearing masks. This makes it super hard for the deaf and hard of hearing community to communicate.

There are a few common signs that every essential worker should know, that will help them communicate with those that are hard of hearing or deaf.


I love to learn ways to communicate with people in which I can’t normally communicate. I try to learn a few words in different languages, that way I can at least say, “I’m sorry, Hello, I don’t understand, and Thank You.”


Now, I am able to say those things in sign language, thanks to this helpful video!

Chrissycanthearyou has put together this super helpful communication guide, with examples of common signs that every essential worker should know.

This is such a good idea! I used to work at Starbucks, and there was a pretty large deaf community in the area. I always hated that all I knew how to say was “Hello” and “Thank You.” I relied entirely too much on pen and paper.

This video would have helped A LOT in communications with the public, and I wish I would have seen it back then — or had the forethought to learn the signs myself.

Watch Chrissycanthearyou‘s video below, and practice the signs for yourself. You never know when you are going to need them!


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