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Jack Black’s Vaccine Video Is Pure Genius And You Have To See It

It’s true. Getting the COVID vaccine is super important.

BUT, who knew it could also be so much fun!

You HAVE to see the video that Jack Black posted on his Instagram account about getting his COVID vaccine.

jackblack on Instagram

I would absolutely expect nothing simple and plain from Jack Black. Ha!

And, his vaccine video is totally NOT of the simple and plain variety.

jackblack on Instagram

It is, in fact, hilarious — as only Jack Black could pull off.

jackblack on Instagram

We see him sitting in a clinic room, getting his COVID vaccine in his left arm.


He transforms into SUPER Captain America Jack Black, complete with American flag speedos.

jackblack on Instagram

But, it doesn’t stop there.

He also channels Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Spiderman!!

jackblack on Instagram

Avengers, unite!! LOL!!

I mean, if THIS is what getting the vaccine is like, count me in!

jackblack on Instagram

You can see Jack Black’s hilarious vaccine video on the JackBlack Instagram Account.

jackblack on Instagram

This isn’t Jack’s first foray into the world of recreating The Avengers.

He has previously posted videos of himself as Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Spiderman.

jackblack on Instagram

I guess he loves the superheroes as much as the rest of us. Ha!

jackblack on Instagram

If you are wondering what REAL life after the vaccine is like, check out this article by Jamie Harrington.

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