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Courteney Cox Says She Doesn’t Remember Being On ‘Friends’

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Nighttime talk show hosts have started hosting their shows ONLINE from home, and it’s the greatest thing EVER!

One of my favorite segments happened on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, when he brought Courteney Cox on as a guest. It was so much fun! It was like hanging out with two friends, at their house.

We even got a little tour of Courteney’s kitchen, to see how her and her family are faring during this time of worldwide staying home. I must say, she’s pretty normal. LOL!

Perhaps the funniest moment was when we found out Courteney doesn’t really remember her time on FRIENDS.

“I don’t even remember being on the show.”

She remembers liking the experience, and having a good time with the cast, but she doesn’t remember much AT ALL about the show itself. Ha!

Jimmy had his cousin, Anthony, who is a self-proclaimed FRIENDS expert, go head-to-head with Courteney in FRIENDS Trivia, and the results were hilarious.

Come on, Courtney, we ALL know that Monica’s first kiss was with ROSS! Ha!

There were SO many iconic things about the show that she straight up didn’t know. She even let it spill that she has purchased the first season of FRIENDS to watch. Hopefully it joggs her memory a bit.

The end results were not even CLOSE! Ha!

Luckily for Anthony, his prize was a virtual kiss. Awww!

At the end of the segment, Courteney ask that viewers donate to the charity Meals on Wheels. You got it, friend!

Watch the entire virtual episode of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, below.

By the way, Courteney also told us that the FRIENDS reunion show has been DELAYED due to the events that are happening right now. BUMMER!! It’s still happening — just a bit later than we hoped.

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