Here’s The Real Reason Why Grammys Host Alicia Keys Doesn’t Wear Makeup

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Alicia Keys hasn’t worn makeup in years. But that doesn’t make her less beautiful, and that’s her point.


Way back in 2016, she made an appearance at the MTV music awards sans makeup, and everyone pretty much freaked out. Because up until then it just wasn’t done.

She didn’t care though. She was over all of these ridiculous beauty standards, and wanted to do something about it. So she stopped wearing makeup and started showing herself.

And the thing is, she’s STILL doing it. She didn’t just go to a couple of shows without makeup. She’s stopped wearing it, and you never see her in it. Ever.

But just because she doesn’t wear makeup doesn’t mean she doesn’t want others to wear it.

In fact, that’s kind of her thing– she’s all about letting women be WHO they want to be, and not being afraid to just be themselves.

In the past when she’s been asked why she doesn’t wear makeup she’s said, “I hope to God it’s a revolution. ‘Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing,” Keys wrote in an essay for Lenny Letter.

So that’s why she doesn’t wear makeup.

Because she doesn’t want to. That simple.

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  1. I think it’s awesome! I quit wearing makeup going on 10 years this year. I decided to put my time and effort into things that matter.