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Here’s How To Upcycle Your Empty Bath And Bath Body Works Candle Jar Into A Planter

Okay, so this is total GENUIS. Thank you Bath and Body Works for sharing this AMAZING YouTube tutorial on how to upcycle our old candles!

It’s not a secret that Bath and Body Works has one of the best smelling candle selections; and if you’re a frequent buyer at the store, it’s terribly hard to leave once you’ve entered!

It’s also an extremely difficult urge to resist collecting multiple candles from the retailer.

You can never get enough of the smell Georgia Peach, and even when the wick is burnout, it’s hard to throw away the cutely decorated jar!

Well as it turns out, Bath and Body works has come up with the perfect excuse to keep those empty candle jars lying around, and it’s by turning them into planters!

It’s super simple, all you have to do is add soil and insert your favorite plant, take care of it as normal and you’ve just upcycled your candle jar!

Here’s the exact tutorial on Youtube and lastly, be creative and have fun with it!

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