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Doctors Say These Child Accidents Are Landing Kids in The ER. Here’s What Parents Need to Know.

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Electric scooters, curling irons, and desk magnets are landing more kids in the ER than ever, and it’s about time parents pay attention to the warnings.

According to Yahoo News, “children are getting burned by hair styling tools, swallowing tiny magnets found in desk toys, and injuring themselves on electric scooters.”

Of course, I’m talking about little kids here. But, you need to keep in mind that your older kids can get hurt as well.

Be aware of the dangers, and keep your kids safe from these items.

The Dangers Of Swallowing Desk Magnets

Picture this. Teen boys trying to be funny, and sticking these powerful magnets in their mouths, trying to see if they will stick together through their tongue.

They might be surprised at how powerful these magnets are, and inadvertently swallow them.

Be honest. You know it’s bound to happen with boys!

The problem with swallowing these magnets is that they can stick together as they go through your insides, pinching parts of your digestive system as they pass through.

Talk about pain!!

Also, these powerful magnets are the perfect size for little fingers to shove up noses or in ears.

Sometimes, the only way to dislodge these magnets is through a surgical procedure. (I’m a surgical nurse. I’ve seen it more than once.)

The Dangers Of Curling Irons

How many preteen and teen girls are getting fancy with their hair thanks to YouTube and TikTok?

I speak from experience — you can get a pretty bad burn from using a curling iron while trying to zhoosh up that hair.

Also, think of those little hands that can reach up and grab the hot barrel of a curling iron sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter. Ouch!!

And, then when they let go of the curling iron, it can fall down on their bodies. So dangerous!!

Developmentally, kids under 10, they’re going to be curious, they’re going to be reaching things. They don’t necessarily have the learned skill of ‘Hey, that might be dangerous. That’s hot

Brandon Rozanski, a pediatric resident at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu

The Dangers Of Electric Scooters

So much can go wrong here.

Littles getting run over, teen boys colliding while trying to do stunts, kids falling off, accidents involving getting hit by cars, broken bones galore — electric scooters are so dangerous.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for electric scooters. They can be super fun.

But, you need to be hyper-vigilant in the name of safety with these electric scooters.

Make sure you are matching the electric scooter to the age of the child.

Don’t let an 8 year old ride a scooter that’s going to go 0 to 25 MPH in 10 seconds.

Keep your little kids away from electric scooters, and monitor their use by your pre-teen or teenager.

It is really on the parents, teachers, daycare workers, or other responsible adults to make sure that our kids stay safe out there.

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