You Can Now Get Halloween Cereal Crocs That Smell Like Your Favorite Halloween Cereals

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It’s no secret that Crocs have come back into fashion.

From Camping Crocs to Margaritaville Crocs, the early 2000’s shoe has just created another design that is perfect for the Halloween season.

For a more spookier shoe, Crocs have just released Halloween cereal shoes that are decorated like the cereal pieces that float in your bowl of milk in the morning.

Including Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry Crocs, each new shoe has a theme that associates with one of the three seasonal cereals that are stocked every year at the grocery store.

Courtesy of Crocs

For example, you can expect the Count Chocula Crocs to be colored in a deep chocolate brown and dressed in Count Chocula and bat charms.

There’s even a charm made for Count Chocula’s house!

Courtesy of Crocs

If you prefer a pretty and pink shoe, Crocs new Franken Berry shoe dabbles in all pink from top to bottom.

The new pair is basically a Halloween version of Barbie’s aesthetic.

Courtesy of Crocs

Now when it comes to the Boo Berry Crocs, you can expect this version to include a bright blue shoe that features charms that look just like the cereal pieces that come in the box!

Courtesy of Crocs

Oh and I didn’t even mention the best part… apparently, these also SMELL like your favorite Halloween cereals.

Yes – your toes will smell as good as those Halloween cereals… WHAT?!?

You can currently find the Halloween cereal Crocs online, here.

Now all you need is an outfit that looks like one of the three Halloween cereal boxes to match your Crocs, and you have the perfect costume for spooky season.

Courtesy of Crocs

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