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Everything Bagel Pringles Exist And This Is Not A Drill

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These sound so delicious…

Everything Bagel Seasoning is so hot right now. People are using it on everything from bagels, to popcorn, to eggs, to meat.

It’s got that YUM factor that you just crave.

If you love all things delish, you have to check this out.

Pringles is coming out with new Everything Bagel Chips, and this might be the perfect combination ever.

If a salt seasoning was ever meant to top anything, the potato chip is definitely it.


Forget the toaster, the snacking innovators at Pringles® are bringing a mess-free, delicious burst of “everything” bagel flavor in one easy-to-eat crisp.

Kellogg Company

These Pringles have “flavor notes of sesame and poppy seeds followed by hints of cream cheese that perfectly blend with toasted onion and garlic.”

Now, these Everything Bagel Pringles are a very limited-edition flavor.

They will only be available at select retailers, but you can find these chips starting this week.

If you find these Everything Bagel Pringles at your local store, you better scoop them up while you can!

Then, come back here and let everyone know where you found them.

This is one tasty treat I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.


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