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Disney Just Released A New Starbucks Holiday Tumbler And It’s Gorgeous

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Disney and Starbucks are teaming up to bring us Disney Parks themed Starbucks Holiday Ceramic Tumblers, and I have to have one.

I just came home from Disney World, and the shops were just starting to put out all their Christmas goodies before I left. I wanted absolutely everything!!


I knew I was going to be in trouble when they started to bring out the Christmas Starbucks Tumblers! Y’all should have seen them. GORGEOUS.


I already have quite the collection of Starbucks Tumblers, as they are totally the thing I like to collect, and I know I’m not alone! There are so many of YOU that love it when Starbucks comes out with a new Tumbler.


But, make it a Holiday Disney themed Starbucks Tumbler, and it’s going to have to be mine! I mean really, that’s combining three of my favorite obsessions on earth: Disney, Starbucks, and Christmas.


So basically, it was Merry Christmas to me as soon as I saw them.

You guys, these ceramic tumblers are holiday red and gold, and they have little scenes from some of the popular rides at the park, plus there are holiday scenes, AND the best part, there is a nod to the Disney Candlelight Processional.


This Candlelight Processional is a beautiful yearly tradition for many, but it has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic.


So, to have a reference to it on this year’s Disney Starbucks Ceramic Tumbler is extra sentimental. It is like a nod of acknowledgement from Disney that everything is going to be okay, and the Processional will live again.


Y’all, you can’t yet get these amazing tumblers on the ShopDisney website, but I’m hoping they show up soon. You may just have to make a special trip to the parks to get your own Disney Starbucks Holiday Tumbler. *Winky Emoji*

If you LOVE all things Holidays at Starbucks, you can already get their Holiday blend at your local grocery store. Go check it out.

Courtesy of Starbuck

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