Netflix’s ‘Holidate’ Is The Best RomCom I Have Seen In A Long Time

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Let me start by saying, I do NOT do super cheesy movies. You will not find me on the Hallmark channel this season watching people fall in love in the weirdest way and it somehow magically working. That is not for me.

I hopped on Netflix today and saw that sitting in the #1 spot of the Netflix Top Ten was a new movie called ‘Holidate’. I immediately was turned off by the idea of another super cheesy Christmas chick flick. But I was wrong.


It features Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, a very good looking man with a swoon worthy Australian accent. They needed a ‘date’ for holidays without strings attached (and no friends with benefits going on either). Call it a friend for the holidays…of the opposite gender.


Of course there’s cute moments, romantic moments, SUPER frustrating moments, but I feel like they were able to bring a realism to the movie instead of it being massively cheesy the entire time.


In fact, the only real cheesiness that I really dealt with was Kristin Chenoweth being…well, her regular character. But as for the main two, it felt real. Like something that could actually happen. And that’s what separates it from the ‘Hallmark Channel’ vibes.


What I’m getting at, is that if you like romantic comedies, but aren’t into the overly hyped mushy gushy fake fairytales where everything falls into place all the time, this is the movie for you. And you’re my kind of people. You can send a friend application below if you’re a bah humbugger like me.


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