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I Watched Netflix’s ‘Yes, God, Yes’ So You Don’t Have To Waste Your Time

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If you’re looking for some cutesy film to watch on Netflix, I can tell you one movie to make sure to avoid like the plague!

Yes, God, Yes is currently in the Netflix top ten. And it’s main character is an actress from Stranger Things, as well as a supporting actress from 13 Reasons Why. So it has to be good right? Wrong.


If I could sum up what this ENTIRE movie is about, it’s about a girl learning how to masturbate. Seriously. I wish I were joking.


A girl goes to a hardcore catholic school where literally everything is a sin. She is sent explicit pictures on the internet from a stranger, leading her to think she needs to go to a retreat to move past this sin.


Throughout the whole movie, she slowly starts learning how a female can have an orgasm and keeps trying to get one while continuously getting interrupted.


She realizes that everyone else is thinking about sex, even the adults so she decides it’s ok and finally gets her moment…while watching Titanic. And that’s the entire movie. The end.


Somehow this has a high rating on Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, but I can’t understand why. It almost reminds me of the Teen Movies. Bad memories there.


So if you’re looking for a movie about a girl learning to masturbate, this is the one for you. Otherwise, I would keep looking. There’s no romance, cuteness, or even comedy. It’s just a girl figuring our that nobody is perfect and everybody masturbates.


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