Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Are Back In Stores After Nearly 6 Years and I’m Stocking Up

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What is it about pizza that’s so good? If you think about it, it’s only a three ingredient meal (if you exclude all possible toppings) but yet it’s one of the most delicious foods you can devour at lunch or dinner.

Probably one of the fastest foods to make, Totino’s pizza rolls are also a huge staple in the pizza realm because it stuffs an entire slice of pizza into a bite sized snack.

Pizza rolls and marinara sauce with beer in the background

I’m sure many of us if not all, have at least tasted a Totino’s pizza roll and if you’re a big fan of the company, you should know that after 6 years, they’re bringing back a popular food item!


That’s right, Totino’s has brought back their famous pizza stuffers since 2014 and now is the correct time to say ‘hooray’!

Practically lookalikes to Totino’s OG pizza rolls, these pizza stuffers are bigger in size and are empanada shaped which means more pizza in every bite!


The Triple Cheese pizza stuffers consists of tomato sauce and imitation mozzarella, provolone, and white cheddar that’s stuffed into a doughy crust that becomes crispy and golden when baked in the oven.


You can currently find the cheesy snack at Walmart for under $4 with each box including 4 empanada pizza stuffers.


Now it is just me, or do you guys also like to eat pizza for breakfast too?

Courtesy of Walmart

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