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People Are Making Cemeterriums And They Are That Little Piece Of Spooky That Halloween Needs

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There is a wicked cute new trend where people are turning glass jars (or small aquariums) into haunted cemeterriums, and I love absolutely every little thing about this.

There are no two alike, and that’s the beauty of it!

It takes just a bit of creativity, your affinity for all things gothic, and a little slice of your quirky personality to create one of these haunted cemeterriums.

You can totally make your own freaky graveyard scene in any empty glass container. It’s simple as can be!

With this craft, you can absolutely repurpose things you have around the house to use in your cemeterrium. You can even go to someplace like Goodwill, and get stuff CHEAP.

Here’s how you can make your own cemeterrium.

Start with a glass container. Pretty much any glass container will do. Something a bit wider, like a goldfish bowl, might be just a bit easier, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Beyond that, you pretty much just let your creativity fly its freaky flag. If you think something would be a cool addition to your little haunted haven, go for it.

Here are some ideas that you can borrow, or just use your own!!

Start with sand in the bottom of your container. You can use different kinds of sand to give it some depth if you want.

On the sand, put some dirt. Just some dirt from right outside your door will do. You don’t need a ton. Just enough to cover up the sand.

Now you can put down some moss or maybe some dried up leaves. Something to give it just a bit of a spooky feel.

When you have a good base, you can start to put in your dark decorations.

This is where you are gonna have to do whatever speaks to your soul. Want to make graveyard headstones out of clay? CUTE! Do it!! Want to use repurposed Barbie pieces. Creepy! Go for it!! Do you have tiny pumpkins or other Halloween goodies? Sure!! Put those in there.

There are no rules here EXCEPT make it look Halloweeny or creepy or a bit haunted.

If you want, you can hot glue toothpicks to the bottom of your decor. Then you can stick the toothpicks into the dirt to give your scene just a little more stability. But, this is not a requirement, by any means.

You know what else you could do? Use little succulents in your scene. How cute would that be?!?

I’m simply dying to see what you come up with for you cemeterrium. Make sure you take pictures, hashtag them #cemeterrium, and post them to Instagram!!

Happy haunting!

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